Top 10 fastest and most powerful supercars in the world

There are many ways to measure who is the king of automobiles, but top speed is surely the one everyone cares most about. These ten world’s fastest cars  are more than just fun though: they’re the fastest production cars on planet earth. One-off custom jobs didn’t make the cut.Here are some list of Top 10 fastest and most powerful supercars in the world.

1. Koenigsegg Agera RS

Koenigsegg Agera RS

The Agera RS model is the world’s fastest production car, with a GPS-verified two-way average top speed of 277.9 mph (447 km/h) and a fastest straight-line speed of284.55 mph (458 km/h).

The Agera RS also holds the title of fastest car from zero to 400kph and back to zero again.It’s tipped to get even faster, too, as the race to 300mph hots up.

Engine size: 1,360bhp, 5.0-litre V8
Top speed: 277 mph
Price: $1.7 million

2. Hennessey Venom GT

Hennessey Venom GT

Coming second in the world’s fastest cars category is the Hennessey Venom GT, which is a relatively new name in the industry, but has generated quite a buzz in a short period of time. The car is based on a modified Lotus Exige and has a max speed of 270 mph
(just 3 mph less than the Koenigsegg).

The F5’s combination of light weight, low drag and all-American horsepower will deliver a new level of hypercar performance.The top speed of the Venom F5 is projected to exceed 300 mph.

Engine size: 1,244bhp twin-turbo V8
Top speed: 270 mph
Price: $1.6 millon

3. Bugatti Chiron

Bugatti Chiron

The CHIRON is the most powerful, fastest and exclusive production super sports car in BUGATTI’s brand history. Its sophisticated design, innovative technology and iconic, performance-oriented form make it a unique masterpiece of art, forme and technique that
pushes boundaries beyond imagination.

While capable of hitting 261mph with a speed limiter installed for safety reasons, manufacturers claim it is capable of as much as 288mph without a restriction.

Engine size: 1,470bhp quad-turbo 8-litre W16
Top speed: Over 261 mph
Price:$3.26 million

4. 9FF GT9-R


this comes no.4  on the list of Top 10 fastest and most powerful supercars in the world Built by the German tuning company, 9ff, the GT9 is a supercar based on the historic Porsche 911. In fact, the looks and exterior styling of the car is also pretty similar to the 911, only with the interior of the car being stripped out for lightness and looks basic as compared to the Porsche. The car is faster than the original Bugatti Veyron, but slower than the SuperSport model.

Engine size: 1,326 kg,4.0L twin-turbocharged H6
Top speed: 409 km/h (254 mph).
Price:$3.26 million

5. SSC Ultimate Aero

SSC Ultimate Aero

Up until 2010, the Aero was the world’s quickest production car.
It set a record 256.23mph in Nevada in 2007, holding the title for three years before being dethroned by the Super Sport.

Engine size: 1,287bhp 6.3-litre twin turbo V8
Top speed: 256 mph
Price: £498,000

6.Koenigsegg CCR

Koenigsegg CCR

The CCR featured an upgraded body design, a larger front splitter, a rear wing, larger brakes, new enlarged tires and wheels plus upgraded chassis and suspension. The CCR also had a more powerful engine with twin compressors, producing an astonishing 806 hp. All in all, the CCR had a more racing car-like stance and appearance compared to the more elegant CC8S.

The CCR still has performance that can match or beat many of the latest hypercars.It truly was a car before its time.

Engine size: 1,346bhp 5.0-litre twin-turbo V8
Top speed: 242 mph
Price: $2.1 million

7.Saleen S7 Twin Turbo

Saleen S7 Twin Turbo

It’s that indefinable blend of sleek and sexy styling, outrageous power, and genuine racingheritage that motivates a few people to put down the price of a decent house on a car intended primarily to impress friends and deliver weekend thrills. Only Lamborghini has managed to play in this league without the requisite competition resume.

Engine size: 750bhp 7.0-litre aluminium V8
Top speed: 248 mph
Price: $700 000



The Zenvo ST1 is a high performance supercar manufactured by Danish company Zenvo. That power number puts the new Zenvo ST1 in the same league as the Bugatti Veyron and the Koenigsegg CCXR. Amazingly, many have still not heard of this brilliant machine.
The concept has been around for a decade and it finally got the green light for production in 2005. In those 10 years, not many news stories have been published around the ST1. (Somebody needs to hire a new marketing team.)

Engine size: 1,688 kg 7.0L twincharged V8
Top speed:375 km/h (233 mph)
Price:$1.8 million

9.Koenigsegg CCR

Koenigsegg CCR

Koenigsegg CCR is a high performance supercar manufactured by Swedish they focuses exclusively on uber-expensive autos.
The Agera pumps out over 900 horsepower, and its carbon fiber body makes it lightweight, aerodynamic and very pretty to look at.

Engine size: 1,346bhp 5.0-litre twin-turbo V8
Top speed: 242 mph
Price: $2.1 Million

10.Pagani Huayra BC

Pagani Huayra BC

A big hit with the Top Gear crew, the Italian-made Huayra was named the hypercar of the year in 2012 by Top Gear Magazine.Pagani’s beast was also once the holder of the lap record on the Top Gear Test Track.

Engine size: 720bhp twin-turbo V12
Top speed: 238 mph
Price: $2.0 Million

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